Frano Botica

Frano Botica played top level rugby for over 18 years. He is one of the few athletes who has worn four Black Jerseys, having played for the New Zealand Sevens, New Zealand Maori’s, All Blacks (all rugby union), and Kiwis (rugby league).

He has also played internationally for teams within Italy, France, Wales, England and also for the Croatian International side.

Frano's long sporting career and experience have given him great insight into international sport and on-going business involvement has given him a great business knowledge. As a former captain, he also has formed exceptional leadership skills.

Frano now takes the principles he applied to gain success on the rugby field and transfers them into the business arena, both within his own endeavours but also passes them on to other individuals and organisations. For the past four years Frano has spoken to thousands of business people, in some of New Zealand’s largest organisations, about applying these simple principles to gain success in any area they choose to focus on.

An articulate speaker, Frano draws on a wealth of experience to inspire and entertain, with the ability to relate to people at all levels.