Andrew Smith

Andy is a company director and business owner who combine’s business knowledge and life experience in his presentations and training sessions. Andy’s communication skills bring powerful results to individuals and organisations alike.

As a corporate presenter, he draws on his experience in several industries including building marketing/sales (where sales exceeded production capability), manufacturing (Managing director of Boyce & Sons furniture makers), travel (outbound Tour Director with IF Travel, Gold Coast) and Director of a multimedia and music company (MeyerSmith Ltd).

Andy has many years of experience communicating with diverse audiences in many contexts around the world. A focus on learning and development began in1998. Since then Andy has dedicated this focus to the development and delivery of interactive, transformational training programs. These programmes include – leadership and coaching, values clarification/creation, growing sales, conflict resolution, attitudinal/behavioural change, cultural diversity and prosperity, realising and maintaining life balance and organisational strategic planning.

Andy’s story is one which reveals both tragedy and success interwoven, but culminating in hope and future. His story is motivational, clearly demonstrating the importance of having clear vision, knowing ones values, and the ownership of ones outcomes in life.