Allison Mooney (APS)

An international corporate speaker of vast experience, Allison first came to notice for outstanding customer service as Manager of Ansett Golden Wing (Auckland), where her benchmark legendary customer service record came to be immortalised in the "I can’t - I’ve split my trousers!" advertisement. (part of a group of TV commercials which are based on true life service experience).

During her 15 year sojourn with the both Ansett and Managing Qantas’s First Class Lounge, Allison found herself in constant demand to share with others her gift at PEOPLE RELATING SKILLS. Allison was called on to use her skill in analysing the 10 contestants for “Treasure Island” and in the choosing of the family for Pioneer House, in the Reality TV series.

Understanding the personalities of people has been the key to her career success, staff management, dealing with demanding discerning customers, and not forgetting relationships with her friends, her children, and even her spouse.

One of the main reasons people leave their jobs is because they have difficulty relating or getting on with some one at work, be it one of their colleagues, customers or bosses!! and over time it creates huge stress, or difficulties. Allison helps people understand how they are wired, what their strengths are, and how to communicate so people will listen.

Being able to identify their personality helps one to relate to them according to who they are. Not to put them in a box or categorise them, but discovering their different needs. Through finding out what people need certainly creates a harmonious environment to either work or live in.

Married with 2 grown daughters, she has resided in Torbay for 28 years. She is an Accredited Professional Speaker of the National Speakers Association of New Zealand.

Allison was the recipient of the prestigious “Speaker of the Year” award at the National Speakers Assoc of NZ (Auck) 2004/05 Awards dinner, which honours a speaker whose skills, performance and professionalism have been an inspiration to her peers – an outstanding achievement which followed her earlier nomination for the hotly contested “2004 Most Humorous and Entertaining Speaker”. She again won the award for 2005/06 SPEAKER OF THE YEAR NSANZ Auckland – The first time anyone has ever won it twice consecutively.