Our Approach - DRIVE

TrainingPlus has developed DRIVE, a highly customisable change management tool that serves as a learning structure on which organisational and personal empowerment and performance can be enhanced.

DRIVE offers an insight and framework for which individuals can enhance their self-worth and self-belief. The purpose of Drive is to help people maximise their success in work or in their personal lives through focusing on values-based life principles.

DRIVE utilises a number of tools which allow learning to be taken to the depth required to carry the key messages of the organization we are working with.

DRIVE comprises 11 principals which can be customised to a specific organisational culture:

  1. The Journey Map: Someone has to drive
  2. Steward-ship: In order to drive you must see
  3. Owner-ship: What’s yours you tend to take care of
  4. Relation-ship: Creating the preferred culture
  5. Relation-ship Anchor: Life balance quadrant
  6. Change Management: Culture shock and the pace of change
  7. Seaman-ship: Knowing the seasons and working with the conditions
  8. Hard-ship: Continuing on, even through life’s adversities
  9. Message in a bottle: The power of words and communication
  10. Entrepreneur-ship: Releasing and nurturing creativity and a learning culture
  11. Captain’s log: Enhancing and diminishing leadership styles

How does DRIVE work?

  • Drive emphasizes practical business applications.
  • Drive seeks to clarify life and business principles.
  • Drive provides a platform for individuals to examine the consequences of their current attitudes/behaviour
  • Drive seeks to encourage people to explore new paradigms in today’s environments.
  • Drive encourages participants to reflect on and align inherent values.
  • Drive redefines leadership, showing how leaders can enhance or diminish the people they lead.

The message of DRIVE is simple: "Take the wheel – face the destination – continue the journey".