Leadership Development


A company has been performing at an acceptable level but needs a change for good. OK is not good enough in a competitive business environment. Stepping up performance another notch requires effective leadership, from the front, and yet in support of the key players within the business. Adding to a person’s leadership paradigm and management style can easily be the difference between great or mediocre organisational performances. A business rises and falls according to its leadership.


TrainingPlus has put together a comprehensive skills development programme with individual coaching plans to assist mangers with their professional development. ‘Adding to the picture’ is the objective – encompassing wise ‘people decisions’ aligned to congruent processes and systems.


  • Clarity of vision and the ability to articulate this to the team
  • Alignment and agreement of performance KPI’s – creating shared meaning
  • Greater levels of effective communication between levels of the business
  • Appropriate and powerful feedback and performance reviews
  • Increased ownership and accountability, starting at the top
  • Effectively leading change
  • Higher levels of productivity and performance throughout the business
  • The creation of the preferred culture