Internal Communication Breakdown


Relationships between staff and management had broken down so far that management would simply dictate their messages to the staff, and the staff obliged with passive resistance. There was no pride or morale evident in the work place as staff typically measured a good day as one where they did as little as possible, and got away with it. Managers avoided interaction with staff, and performance feedback was typically laboured and negative.


Training Plus’s DRIVE principles were used to create a common language, and agreement around the direction or vision of the group. Once a number of key objectives were established, useful measures of progress were able to be defined, and performance KPIs agreed on. Central to the success of this cultural change programme was the implementation of a robust and user friendly communication system.


Staff and Management are committed to establishing a more preferred way of operating. Both groups now have regular dialogue and performance has improved significantly. Ongoing challenges to progress occur, and alignment is able to be restored through refocusing the team on the agreed objectives.