Growing Intelligent Relationships


People differences can make or break a workplace environment. Individuals have different internal drivers affecting the way they make decisions. Conflicts emerge often as a result of diverse responses to challenges and the inability to communicate clear objectives. Resolving these conflicts, and more importantly, pre-empting and minimising them through understanding personality nuances, can open a new world of effective relationships and enhanced productivity.


Regardless of an individual’s upbringing, genetics or circumstances, the key to growing intelligent relationships is in knowing themselves and understanding others, including their differences. New Zealand’s leading authority on ‘Growing Intelligent Relationships’ through understanding the dynamics of personalities, Allison Mooney is both entertaining and inspirational as she presents tools for effectively working with people. Allison’s message is very relevant for all organisations of people – work or home.


Corporate clients can expect the programme to cover:

  • Customer service - internal and external
  • Sales - inbound and outbound
  • Cold calling
  • Leadership
  • Conflict resolution