Effective Time Management


Time is a constraint – we can’t go beyond its fixed parameters. Effective time management necessitates a balanced overview of the bigger picture and decisive responses to options. On one hand, perfect time management skills alone do not make a competent employee. On the other hand, poor time management skills can affect the whole productivity trail.


Time management requires self-discipline and control until our behavioural responses are internally set and our time management patterns become habit. Plans and schedules for managing time are useless if one does not follow them. The main reason for managing time is to provide structure to one's life and, in turn, personal strength (potency) adding to peace of mind.


The TrainingPlus programme will look at:

  • How we deal with the constraint of time. Can we control, influence or do we have no control over the way we use our time right now?
  • What is important (bottleneck), and what is urgent (top of bottle, most visible)
  • How do we prioritise our time so we maximise progress
  • How do we plan our time so we feel a sense of control?
  • How do our personalities drive the way we use our time