Effective Communication Skills


Communication is the central lifeline of every business, family or sport team, yet it still represents one of the most common problem areas within relationships. Lacking an awareness of the dynamics of interpersonal communication skills can lead to needless frustration for all concerned. A ‘hit or miss’ approach to relating to others is never an appropriate option, especially for a person in a leadership role.


To ensure we address the specific communication challenges you are facing as an organisation, we perform a Communications Audit. This process seeks to inform us of the quality and quantity of the internal communications loop. Sometimes there is ‘too much’ communication of the wrong type. More frequently there is not enough dialogue between people or business units, or key messages are repeatedly misunderstood. Relevance, integrity and honesty are all necessary ingredients of effective communication and of course a communications system tailored to the culture of the business is essential.


Following this audit we provide focused skills training in the following:

  • The art of listening
  • The art of asking the right questions
  • The art of articulating key messages – saying what we mean
  • The art of dialogue
  • The art of conflict resolution
  • Communicating under pressure