Cultural Diversity


We all view the world around us quite differently, coming from a diverse range of social norms, life experiences and ethnic world views. The challenges for both management and front line staff to deal with these different cultures can be immense, from dealing with misaligned expectation, to full-on culture clash where the values of one culture are perceived to be discriminating against those of another.

Working proactively from an understanding of the dynamics of culture can have a profound affect on an organisation, increasing levels of engagement, creativity and reciprocity, with huge implications to the bottom line.


Through TrainingPlus’ Diversity Training programme we frame a desirable organisational view of common sense and inclusion. Learning to see the world from the viewpoint of another helps us create effective solutions and builds relationships with colleagues, customers and friends. This affects our performance as individuals, our collective performance and the way we deliver our service to our customers and competitors.


Participants will:

  • Gain an appreciation of how an individuals world view drives behaviour
  • Review stereotypes and negative perceptions
  • Apply principles of diversity to their own perspectives and experiences
  • Acknowledge the effect on productivity of inappropriate cultural perspectives
  • Realise the potential of maximising a culturally diverse work force
  • Motivate themselves and others to effectively communicate cross-culturally
  • Design systems to cement new synergies into long-term workplace commitments
  • Commit to on-going growth and improvements in maximising the value of a culturally diverse work place environment