Conflict Between Frontline and Management


In one organisation, historical baggage dictated that frontline staff and management could not trust each other let alone work effectively together. Communication had dwindled to the bare necessity and maintaining status quo was seen as more important than progress. Unsatisfactory productivity and Lost Time Injury (LTI) levels were routinely addressed by pointing the finger, and accountability for any performance measures were non existent.


TrainingPlus set up an environment which allowed both groups to dialogue and create some ‘common sense’ and agreement to a shared vision. The process included acknowledging historical challenges, putting them into context. Tools for ongoing communication and cooperation were set in place and coaching ensured that the longevity of outcomes was maintained.


Frontline and management are now working jointly on strategies to overcome the constraints that have hindered progress. There has been considerable improvement in morale. As a by-product the company has had zero LTI’s since the implementation of this training initiative.