Katheren Leitner
Coach & Trainer

Katheren Leitner is passionate about coaching and the world of possibilities it can open for her clients. Currently owner and director of the Performance Development company Training Plus, she has local and international corporate experience and qualifications in Communication, Business Management, Human Resources and Coaching.

Katheren has been a professional trainer and coach for seven years and has worked with a wide variety of clients across all levels of business and from a range of industries. She has a sharp eye for common corporate challenges and a broad repertoire of solutions.

Her coaching mission

To inspire individuals to venture beyond their current limitations and access their true greatness by asking powerful questions and giving unconditional support and encouragement.

Katheren specialises in improving her clients’ leadership effectiveness, communication skills, presentation skills and work/life balance.


Katheren’s coaching and training programmes has improved employee performance at all levels of key New Zealand organisations and helped individuals achieve their goals and maximise performance. Some of her work includes:

  • Culture change and leadership development with Fonterra
  • Leadership coaching with business owners in Germany
  • Career coaching with key talent at Goldman Sachs JB Were
  • Creating a values based organisation with Siemens New Zealand
  • Business planning and strategy with TelstraClear
  • Change management with Ports of Auckland and Department of Corrections
  • Culture change with Siemens Energy Services
  • Leadership development, succession planning and strategy with DHL Exel
  • Youth initiative and goal planning with New Zealand Defence Force

How she views coaching

"I believe that coaching is a partnership relationship in which a coach supports each client to draw upon his or her own internal strength and wisdom. Thought-provoking dialogue between coach and client aims to help the client":

  • ignite internal motivation and passion;
  • gain clarity;
  • discover answers from within; and
  • expand horizons.”

Her approach

Katheren feels strongly that a coach can subtly yet significantly impact every aspect of a person’s life. As a coach, she encourages and challenges her clients to:

  • break through self-imposed barriers and lift performance;
  • set and achieve exciting personal and professional goals;
  • gain greater insight into who they are to enhance their relationships;
  • access latent potential;
  • identify and use their strengths to benefit themselves and their organisations;
  • live a life they love.

She achieves these things in partnership with her clients, through:

  • one-to-one formal meetings to assess strengths and weaknesses and set goals;
  • regular phone conversations and emails to introduce and discuss relevant personal and professional development resources;
  • as-needed contact as a sounding board.

In these ways, Katheren works alongside her clients, posing questions and offering insights to help each one create a pathway towards his or her goals. She helps her clients discover themselves while exploring ways to learn more about others.


Katheren is a member of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) and Daybreak Toastmasters and is currently studying with the International Coaching Association and Coach Inc.

Driven by her passion for ongoing professional and personal development, she recently completed a Diploma in Effective Communication with the Trinity College of London.

Prior to entering the corporate coaching and training arena, Katheren held sales, marketing and account management roles with Mitre 10 Sportslink, Wordcom Marketing, General Electrics and New Zealand Post. She also has over twenty years experience as a coach/trainer in the fitness industry.