About TrainingPlus

TrainingPlus was founded by Katheren Leitner, Andy Smith and Frano Botica with the purpose of offering facilitated and customised empowerment and change management training solutions to corporate and state sector departments.

Established in 2005, TrainingPlus’s business has more than doubled every year and its facilitating team has grown to eight members. It is currently pursuing business expansion opportunities in Australia and Germany.

TrainingPlus works alongside leading organisations to enhance people and performance and establish positive life patterns through management coaching and strategic training. TrainingPlus’ programmes improve workplace culture, reduce organisational friction, lift performance, reduce lost time injuries, improve employee morale, grow leadership ability, implement change, develop strategy and goal achievement and manage workplace stress.

TrainingPlus’s clients include Department of Corrections, Fonterra, Siemens Energy Services, Air Nelson, DHL Exel, New Zealand Defence Force and Ports of Auckland.

The effectiveness of TrainingPlus’ programmes is responsible for milestones that include:

  • Leadership development and growth initiatives with Fonterra
  • The cultural change programme for Ports of Auckland
  • Implemented a values-based initiative with Siemens New Zealand
  • Nurturing a high performance culture with DHL Exel
  • Youth initiative and goal planning with New Zealand Defence Force
  • Personal and professional development, ownership and accountability with Air Nelson